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Character Bust - Lineart
I will draw a bust of a character of your choice! I can make it transparent if you ask for it.
Character Bust - Color
I will draw a character of your choice from the shoulders up! I can make the background transparent if you ask nicely!
Short Story
700-800 words long. It can be any kind of story with any kind of character.
If you want me to write one or more of your OCs I will need a description of their personality and appearance.
I can do any sort of genre. I can even do Xreaders if that is what you desire.
3 Part Short Story
Same as a regular short story, only there's more! Every part has 600-700 words!
Another part please!!
Did you get one of my short story commissions and loved it so much you just have to have another part? Here you go!
I will write another part to the short story you commissioned me!



:heart:Happy Birthday Deviant art!:heart:


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oh no! My membership is expiring soon! well my birthday is coming up...
No deviants said That sucks. happy early birthday. :P
No deviants said Oh! I can get more membership time for your birthday!! :D
No deviants said Don't be cheap! just get it yourself! >: (
What would you guys like to see me make more of??
1 deviant said Just make more stuff!! I want to see more!!!!!
No deviants said Digital art of people!!
No deviants said Write more stories!!
No deviants said some traditional sketches!
No deviants said Show us some of the stuff you knitted or crocheted!!
No deviants said I don't want to see anymore of your stuff!! >:-P
No deviants said I have very specific needs. (comment)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Steph stopped and doubled over in front of his house, panting. Why did he run? He’s probably never going to see that merman again.
Once he had caught his breath he walked up the path to his home. He tomped upstairs, to his room, solemnly. Once again, he changed his clothes into some pajamas. He laid down onto his bed.
Jorah was so cute. “And now I’ll never see him again…” He thought to himself, green eyes tearing up, “I hope he doesn’t hate me or anything.”
Steph looked at his hands, remembering how Jorah let him touch his chest, his body. Receiving a kiss from those sweet lips.
He cursed under his breath. Being gay really sucked. Finding another guy his age who would be interested in him was already at low odds. Now he may have just fallen in love with a merman he’ll never see again.
“I’m fucking boned.” He cursed again.
Steph’s phone buzzed on his night stand. He picked it up from the bed and and click the screen on. He had 2 messages.

Dad: Coming home late 2day. eat dinner w/o me.

The first had come in about an hour before. his dad normally comes home at around 11 so this probably meant he wouldn’t be home till morning.

Jon: Hey wassup :P

This one had just come in. It was from his friend Jon. Steph had known Jon for 2 or 3 years now. They met in school. Jon is super cool and alway texts Steph around this time.

Steph: nothin much
Steph: feel like shit

Jon always tells Steph to be honest and open to him. “when I say ‘how ya doin,’ you should tell the truth. I’ll help you if you feel bad.” Jon would alway say. when Steph asked what would happen if he said ‘good’ he would say “Then we’d go out and see a movie or hangout or something!”

Jon: Win-ten-tons? or somethin else?

‘Win-ten-tons’ was Winton’s nickname that Jon gave him. They’d never call him that to his face, just in private.

Steph: Him and some other things. just everythin really.
Jon: Is there anything I can do to help you? :(
Steph: I think I just need to sleep it off.
Steph: I’ll eat dinner and then go to bed. ttyl

Steph turned off his phone’s screen and set it back onto the nightstand. He then got up and decided to cook dinner.

Steph had cooked some macaroni and cheese and hotdogs for dinner. He ate half and then put the rest in the fridge for his father. he then went back up to his room.
He opened his laptop which was on his desk and sat down. At first he just browsed the internet, social media sites and what not. His mind drifted back to Jorah, the strange merman.
He searched “merman” in google. The first result was the wikipedia page. On the rest of the search he saw muscular, older men with the regular mermaid tail, all with a blue/green color.
Jorah was definitely different from the popular depictions of mermen. Slim body, long, fluffy, hair, and his red octopus tail.
Maybe what Steph saw was a hallucination conjured from his loneliness. Maybe Jorah is as real the tiredness Steph was feeling right now.
He decided he should sleep. Maybe it would bring clarity.
Crawling into bed, he fell asleep instantly.
Seashell - Part Three: Home again
Once again! I am back with another part! I can only hope that there are more of you enjoying this series besides the commissioner! This one was pretty fast and easy.
I've been doing better at getting my work done lately. If you want a commission get it now, you'll get it faster
KFC Chicken Epic Dance 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
“What the hell?” Steph raised his arms away from the guy clinging to his waist.
“You just looked so friendly I had to come say hello!” The weird ocean guy said, pulling himself to a more upright position, propping himself up with his arms.
“Hey, could you maybe back up a bit!?” Steph could feel this guy’s cool breath on his face.
“Oh! I’m sorry! I haven’t told you my name! My name is Jorah!” Steph flinched as Jorah shouted. Steph pushed him away by his shoulders.
“Hold on a second! where did you come from!?”
“Um, the ocean. Where did it look like I came from? the sky?” he giggled. Steph felt something slimy touch his leg.
“Ah! God!” Steph pulled himself away from jorah and away from the water. Now, with a better view of Jorah, He could see how slim the boy was. And he could see his tentacles.
“Holy…” He whispered in amazement.
“Like ‘em? I was born with them. They can be pretty handy!” He smiled playfully as he took one of the tentacles from his lower-half in his hand.
Steph kept staring. Either he had fell asleep on the sand and he was dreaming, or he has finally gone mad. What was in front of him had to be a merman, but not the kind with the fish tails. The one in front of him was an octopus.
Jorah’s lower-half seemed to have a mind of it’s own. tentacles writhing in the sand, intertwining and pushing into the sand.
“... Are you alright? you look pale.” Jorah ripped Steph attention away from the long tentacles and back to the boy’s face.
Steph stammered out a few words that didn’t quite make a sentence then finally said something that, in hindsight, was a little obvious, “You’re a merman!”
“Ding ding ding! we have a winner! your prize? the title of ‘captain obvious!’” This seaman was very condescending.
“Well, excuse me! this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like you!” Steph defended.
“okay okay, you have a point.” Jorah pulled himself closer using his hands and tentacles, “How about we get more acquainted?”
Steph did not like the mischievous face Jorah was making as he inched closer, “W-what do you  mean?”
“People say seeing is believing but your eyes can fool you. So how about you use your hands…” Jorah grabbed his hand and put it on his chest.
His skin was wet and a little slimy like his tentacles. It was very pale even in the setting sun. Steph could feel his heart rate speed up and his hands and face heat up.
“Go ahead. Don’t be shy.” Steph leaned in and put his other hand on Jorah’s chest. he could faintly feel jorah’s heart beat. It felt beating pretty hard as well.
This moment felt magical. Steph was touching an actual merman. This merman was real.
Steph’s hand’s slid down Jorah’s stomach and he giggled. Steph stopped near the border where Jorah’s human part ended and his octopus part began.
It shone is the light of the setting sun. It was a beautiful flow of red and orange and made it look like a precious stone.
Steph placed his hands on where Jorah’s hips would be and he could feel how tender and fragile this part of him was. It was also much slimier than his skin.
“This is incredible…” Steph exhaled.
“I know.” Jorah looked into Steph’s eyes and he pulled his gaze away from his hands. Jorah leaned in and gave him a gentle peck on the lips. He smiled as Steph’s eyes widened in surprise.
“I...What?” Steph had put his hands back on Jorah’s chest.
“You were too cute! I had too. I’m sorry, did you not like it?”
“No! It’s just…! I…!” Steph heart started to pound harder and his head was swirling with emotions. He decided to do something because sitting here and going crazy wasn’t how Steph had planned on spending his visit to the beach.
He got up and bolted, picking up his hoodie and his shoes. He ran all the way back to his house.
Seashell - Part Two: *Getting to Know Each Other!*
Sorry this one took so long! find motivation to write is so hard!Terror..Ahhh..Onion 
But I planned to get this done today and I did! though i didn't really sleep...

If you're interested in commissioning me, just go to my profile! This 9 part story only cost a dollar!

oh no! My membership is expiring soon! well my birthday is coming up... 

No deviants said That sucks. happy early birthday. :P
No deviants said Oh! I can get more membership time for your birthday!! :D
No deviants said Don't be cheap! just get it yourself! >: (


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